We make Sourcing Marine Parts from China Easier!

Are you looking to source the best boat parts from China at industry-competitive rates?

We offer a full-stack sourcing solution by helping you connect with factories, get the best prices, keep tabs on production, benefit from exceptional quality, and get doorstep deliveries.

We have specialized agents to help you through the journey and provide industry tips without upfront charges.

Solutions for All Marine Parts Buyers

If You Have no Suppliers Yet

We can help buyers with no prior suppliers and zero experience in sourcing from China. Our agent will work with you to develop a sourcing plan and customized materials based on your output.

If You Already Have Suppliers

We can make sourcing easier, even if you already have suppliers from China. Our agent will first recommend our suppliers and guarantee you quality at affordable prices.

Value-added Services

We want to make sure your business goes smoothly and save your cost

Supplier Audit

We help you to visit Supplier warehouse for assessment

Careful Product Inspection

Help you to refuce the defect rate and avoid quality problems

Professional Photography

Our professional designers shoot and create super products photos

Warehouse &Storage

Offer you low rate storage service Shipping by your timeline

How We Can Grow Your Business

The only thing you have in mind when sourcing marine parts and boats products from Y sourcing is to grow your business. We tailor our products and services to grow your business and give you a highly satisfactory experience. 

E-commerce/ Business

You can start an eCommerce business with as little as $500. We will help you find the right factory for your parts and help you with customized packaging and delivery. We meet all packaging requirements for Amazon, eBay, and Shopify and give you a dream service.

Medium and Large Businesses

Besides servicing new E-commerce startups, we also oversee sourcing requirements for medium and large enterprises. We can offer customized teams of up to 40 people to grow your business and give you low service rates with easy payment terms.

Product Development

We can help launch your product development business and take it to the heights you dream of. We can estimate the cost of samples, packaging and mass production for free. from the prototype to the final product.

What Makes Us Different from other Sourcing Agents

We at Y sourcing are different from all other sourcing agents in China. Why? Because we focus on YOU or the customer and link our growth with your success and growth. Our unique selling points include:

We offer ISO9001-2016 QA assurance and are certified in this regard. We take the time to evaluate and inspect each product separately. We provide returns and satisfaction to reduce your defect rate to an absolute 0. Yes, when you work with us, you won’t have to worry about defective parts or goods.

We understand that pricing matters. A good pricing model eventually helps reduce your sourcing costs and allows additional margin and growth. We provide all consultations for free and bargain discounted rates for all parts within our factories. You can compare our prices with other agents to check our affordability.

We take all our commitments seriously. Our word is our bond, and we live up to it. Be it quality checks, zero defect rates, doorstep delivery or packaging; we give you all that we promise. Test us to trust us.

Growing businesses can benefit from our services in the long run. We prefer growing businesses because we grow with them. Work with us to learn more about our work ethics. We provide dedicated teams to medium and large enterprises and offer relaxed payment terms.

We have a team of over 100 employees with experience in sourcing marine parts and goods. Our agents are available around the clock to give you mental peace and satisfaction.

Trusted by 1000+ Clients

We have worked with 1000 plus marine parts businesses clients across the globe and have gained their trust with our services.

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I had extensive experience with my previous sourcing agents but had a falling apart due to numerous reasons. Considering my numbers, I wanted an agent of a similar stature, which I wasn't getting. I finally got in touch with Y sourcing, and they set me up with multiple manufacturers that were exactly what I wanted. Amazing platform, guys! I also loved their dedicated efforts and ability to win me over with adherence to commitments.
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Our business has grown over the last couple of years, and we now have sourcing needs of over $300,000 a year. Y sourcing has helped us source exceptional marine parts with perfect quality and zero-defect rates from China. We appreciate the support they gave us in the process. It was all extremely courteous.
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Y sourcing is one of the best sourcing agents in the marine parts field. We have used it for over 3 years and have made many useful gains. We recently got in touch with them to increase our order size and got a good response.
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Our business has enjoyed working with Y sourcing, as their service is the best among all sourcing platforms. They have an amazing list of factories, and we have roped in a couple of good suppliers through their agents. I will definitely recommend them forward.

4 Easy Step to enjoy our service

Tell us what you need? Our customer support team will assign you an agent within 24 hours so that you can get started with the process.

Your agents will work on giving you product quotes within 2 business days. We will follow the quotes up with product samples, delivered to you for inspection.

Once you are satisfied with the quality, you can place a bulk order for the future. Our agent will now get in touch with factories and coordinate production timelines.

The last step entails warehousing of the goods after they are delivered by the manufacturer, quality checks and delivery. we will ship to you

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