Private Label and Packaging Ideas

Private Label and Packaging Ideas We help organizations find the perfect private label with packaging solutions. We can help Amazon sellers in the following ways:

  • Alter materials, sizes, and colors based on existing products
  • Develop brand new products according to your 3D designs
  • Customize packaging to stand out from your competitors
  • Kit and bundle products to generate more sale

Enhanced Quality Inspection

Amazon sellers want the highest possible product rating. And the best way to avoid poor ratings is by ensuring quality. We provide detailed inspections of all boxes and products to ensure that your final goods have no flaws. We will find defects and coordinate with your Chinese supplier to fix them. 

Amazon FBA Labeling

We can also help you with Amazon FBA labeling for as little as $0.55 per unit. We also add labels at an hourly rate of $5 per hour, which can be more cost-effective in the long run. Our labels include the following;

  • FNSKU label

  • Shipping label

  • Warning sticker

  • Other labels Amazon requires

Flexible Shipping

Logistics and shipping can cut into your profits and hurt your actual profits. We arrange shipping solutions at the best possible rates.

Our freight forwarders are in constant contact with the shipping company to ensure the timely delivery of goods. We provide cost-effective shipping to North and South America, Europe, Singapore, the Middle East, Australia, and India.

Product Photography

Visual aids can help you in selling your products faster.

Our experienced designers and photographers help create visual photos alongside your Amazon product page. Using our service is more effective and budget-friendly than hiring a separate designer. We can manage the product photoshoots during the sourcing process. Our Pro Plan offers 3 to 5 photos for free with each product.

Free Storage in Chinese Warehouse

Amazon storage comes at a high cost. We help save our customers from unnecessary expenditures by providing free storage in our Chinese warehouse for a couple of months. We can manage your storage fees by sending products in batches to the Amazon FBA warehouse. This will replenish stock levels when needed without pushing product costs.

Supply Chain Management

You can pay a fixed monthly fee of $5000 to hire our sourcing agent for a full 200 hours work month. The agent will oversee your current supply chain and arrange logistics for future improvements. We can also help you find better suppliers if you aren’t satisfied with your current ones. Start and Grow Your Amazon Business with Y Sourcing.

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