Our Dropshipping Services – Y S

Dropshipping is the most convenient option for most organizations to step into business. Dropshipping minimizes storage costs, as your Chinese supplier will maintain inventory and drop the products directly at your customers' location. At Y Sourcing, we help dropshipping businesses prosper and provide them with a 'Growing Plan' to facilitate their growth.

Growing Plan
$ 0/Month The growing plan comes without any upfront monthly payments. Service fees are charged at 3 to 10 per cent of the product value:
  • $500 minimum products in inventory.
  • Competitive prices from Chinese factories.
  • Low discounted e-package shipping fee.
  • Detailed inspection of each product before shipping.
  • Free product photography.
  • Private label, customized packaging.

Costs of the Growing Plan

Costs associated with the Growing Plan include:

Product Cost

We help our customers find the best product at discounted rates. Our prices are competitive and effective in the long run. 

Service Fees

We charge a fixed percentage of 3 to 10 percent as our service fees. For orders less than $1,000, we charge a fixed $100 as our service fee.

Shipping Costs

We provide discounted shipping costs after keeping the destination and weekly shipping volume in perspective.

Product ValueService Fee
Less than $1,000$100
$7,000-$10,000 7.5%

Advantages of Dropshipping

Better Product Pricing

Dropshipping comes with better product pricing in comparison to websites like Ali Express. We provide competitive rates with simple solutions.

Flexible Logistics

We have cordial relationships with shipping companies, allowing us to provide a flexible shipping schedule.

Strict Quality Checks

We believe in providing the highest quality standard possible and have strict quality checks as part of the process. We minimize discrepancies and ensure optimal output.

Available for After-sales Communication

Our agents will provide reliable after-sales service and communication. You can reach out to us for queries and quality checks.

Steps to Start the Growing Plan

The steps to start the growth plan are as follows:

1. Send us an inquiry. 

2. Our professional agent will contact you and assist you.

3. You pay for the products as we store your output in a free warehouse.

4. You prepay shipping fees, and we deliver goods to your customers as they place orders.

You can manually inform us of the relevant order information, or let our order management system grab the information automatically by connecting to your stores.