The Best Way to?Import Marine Parts from China – One stop Service

1)Why Choose us?
Our team members can meet any business need from big distribution chains, big brands to small retailers or even personal businesses. Our services include and are not limited to:

Logistics services, custom clearance, ocean / air express shipping
Supplier Identification, Supplier Audit and Verification, Sourcing and Purchasing
Cost control, product development, during production quality control
Quality control and Inspection, Loading / Transport monitoring
Warehousing, shipment consolidation, cargo packing
Negotiations, translating, assistance and consulting

2)How about your products quality?

Quality is our main concern, so this is why at every Quality Inspection we are careful to:
1.come prepared so we develop Quality Control Sheets for each type of product we check;
2.measure all the product parameters, functions, materials and compare them to normal values;
3.conduct advanced lab tests for more special products if needed;
4.physically test products to see if they meet expected quality level;
5.make sure all client’s requests and specifications are respected;
6.make sure all of the packing requirements and specifications are respected;
7.make sure products are delivered with the same options as in the initial order. We check that all colors, sizes, quantity are the same as in the order and all requirements have been respected;
8.make sure products are securely packed so that they will not suffer any damage during the shipping process;
9.make sure products respect the quality requirements, product standards and have the mandatory inscriptions and certificates required by the country of destination;
10.statistically check the products according to the lot size and AQL standards;

3) Can you help me to Consolidate all China suppliers goods into one shipment?

In case you want to order marine accessories from one or more suppliers and load all of the merchandise into a container, or consolidate all of the marine accessories to ship out into one single cargo you will need a warehouse to store all the marine accessories from the different factories, till it is ready to be shipped out.
Shipment Consolidation
Container loading
Destination Customs Clearance
Destination Domestic Transport