New Product Development

We help our customers develop new products from scratch. Small sellers want to pick a niche market and beat competitors. We help you here by introducing and developing new products.


Coordinating with Factories and Estimating Cost of Project

We connect you with the best factories in our circle and give you relevant costs for your work. We include the cost of prototyping, testing, molding, packaging, bulk order storage and shipping in the total price. We also act as your business partners and give recommendations where necessary.


Build a Prototype

Most businesses that we work with want a prototype before they can start selling the product in their host country. We make a 3D prototype for as little as $100 and deliver it to you within 3 to 7 days. We test your prototype with ED printing first before making a solid mold.


Custom Packaging

We offer custom packaging to all customers with elaborate ideas and solutions. Our designers will work on a Private Label for your brand and give you the best possible services. We will revise the packaging until you’re satisfied.


Arrange and Manage Shipment

We can manage mass production of marine parts for you and can arrange relevant shipment. We ensure the product quality is in line with your expectations before shipping it to you.

Ready to Develop Your Own Product?