Quality control (QC)

Y Sourcing understands the benefit of good quality products in the sourcing model and is ready to become your trusted import partner in China.

Our Quality Guaranteed

Our Pro Plan includes detailed quality checks to reduce the defect rate and ship products in perfect condition. We are also available to reduce defective products within 15 days of delivering them to you.

If we find any defective parts when doing inspection in our warehouse, we will help you to replace them free of charge.

If you find any parts defects 30 days after you got goods, pls provide evidence, we will send a replacement or compensate for you.

Product Inspections
We provide two inspection plans:

General Inspection

Regardless of whether you use our Pro or Basic plan, you can benefit from our general inspection services in the warehouse. We check products for defects and can solve any issues with our selected suppliers by acting as mediators to negotiate your best interests. You can also avail more specific inspection services by contacting your agent.

Full Inspection

We recommend our complete inspection services for customers looking to pull the defect rate down to zero. We will identify and pick out defective products and replace them. The pricing for the entire inspection is marked at $5/hour. You can talk to your agent and get a complete quote for the inspection of your goods.